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common questions

question 1 :

What is Numbering ?


A set of numbers identifying an intended endpoint in a public telecommunications network, and containing the information necessary to route communications to that endpoint. For example, fixed, mobile, and international phone numbers...etc.

question 2 :

Who is responsible for numbering in Libya?


In accordance with the Communications Law issued for the year 2010, the Regulation Department of the Communications and Informatics Authority sets the national numbering plan, and is responsible for structuring and managing it to ensure that the requirements of operators and users are met, in accordance with the procedures specified by the regulation.

question 3 :

What are the responsibilities of management in the numbering process?


The responsibilities of management in the numbering process are summarized as follows:

  • Preparing and managing the national numbering plan to meet the requirements of telecommunication service providers and subscribers' requirements
  • Ensure the availability of the appropriate number space for all telecommunications services throughout Libya.
  • Ensuring fairness and transparency in the number allocation process
  • Develop and update the national numbering plan whenever the need arises

question 4 :

What is the National Numbering Plan?


It is the plan prepared by the administration to determine the range of numbers used in the various telecommunications services, and it is a plan that contains provisions and instructions for numbering and structuring numbers used for all types of telecommunications services, capacity of their ranges, responsibilities of service providers, the basis for booking and allocating numbers, and other matters that regulates the use of numbers for telecommunications services such as geographic and non-geographic fixed telephone network services, and mobile phone network services.